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NOVELTY designs

NOVELTY designs
HoneVille's novelty designs funny shirt sayings on t-shirts sweatshirts and hoodies

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novelty shirt Southern sweetie cat kitten dixie confederate flag Novelty shirt I'm a cat lover I love being ignored kitten novelty shirt Dixie Goddess southern south confederate flag
novelty shirt official REDNECK since birth dixie confederate flag southern rebelnovelty shirt dixie REBEL AT HEART puppy dog confederate flag Novelty birthday shirt OH NO THREE-O 30 30th thirty
Funny shirt: At my age I've seen it all done it all heard it all.  I just don't remember it all shirt:  Don't just stand there HUG ME  (Puppy Dog)Damn I'm Good shirt
Kiss my Ass shirtNovelty pet shirt My Dog walks all over me puppy Novelty pet shirt My Cat walks all over me kitten
Funny shirt:  It's not a bald spot, it's a solar panel for a sex machine. Shirt:  Road Kill Grill DinerShirt:  Kill Grill Diner Daily menu
novelty shirt Black by nature proud by choice african americanShirt: I DON'T DO MORNINGS! (cat)shirt:  Being a woman isn't easy, it requires dealing with men.
Shirt:  By the time I'm thin fat will be in. catredneck biker T-shirt:  Them thar bikers was right! It is fun ridin' hogs N chasin' chicksfrog toad shirt:  Toadal Chaos
novelty shirt horoscope new age Taurusnovelty shirt AQUARIUS horoscope new age novelty shirt CAPRICORN horoscope new age
novelty shirt VIRGO horoscope new age Novelty shirt PISCES horoscope new age novelty shirt SCORPION scorpio horoscope new age
novelty shirt CANCER horoscope new agenovelty shirt ARIES horoscope new age novelty vintage shirt Hey spuds the party's over Coors beer drinking
novelty shirt DALMATION dalmations dog puppy novelty shirt DALMATION dog dogs puppy puppies DalmationsNovelty shirt DALMATION dog dogs puppy puppies firefighter fireman fire department
Shirt:  15 REASONS why beer is better than MEN!Shirt:  15 REASONS why beer is better than WOMANT-Shirt:  HELP!  I'm on the telephone and I can't shut up!
Shirt: How can I be over the HILL if I've never been to the top!Shirt: How can I be over the HILL if I've never been to the top!T-Shirt:  I can only please one person a day.  Today isn't your day...
Shirt:  Beer Drinkin' University drinkingT-Shirt: Party State University College Beer Drinking T-shirt T-Shirt:  Bitch State University
T-Shirt:  Redneck UniversityT-Shirt:  Bar Hoppin' University - Bachelor of Bar Hoppingnovelty Canadian patriotic shirt Canada teddy bear
novelty Ireland patriotic shirt IRISH flag teddy bear T-Shirt:  I love my job it's the work I hate.T-Shirt:  Good Morning.. Let the stress begin
Novelty shirt I like my new bifocals dentures perfect but Lord I miss my mindnovelty shirt Property of My cat kitten pet novelty shirt property of my dog dogs puppy puppies pet
T-Shirt: Desperate Lawn WifeT-Shirt:  Lawn enforcement officernovelty shirt JACKPOT vegas gambling casino poker dice slots cards
T-Shirt:  Weed Patrolshirt:  I fear no beershirt: I'd stop eating chocolate but I'm no quitter
shirt:  Only my cat understands me. Shirt: Didn't say it was your fault...I said I blame you!Shirt:  I don't suffer from stress.  I'm the carrier
shirt: Friends are God's way of taking care of usMy greatest fear is that there is no PMS and that this is my PERSONALITY. shirtNovelty shirt funny I never repeat gossip so listen carefully
t-shirt: Am I getting older or are they playing good music in the elevatorst-shirt: Am I getting older or are they playing good music in the elevatorsShirt:  Give me Coffee and nobody get's hurt
T-shirt:  What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about?Novelty shirt funny I'm kind of a big dealShirt:  I'm too sexy for this shirt
novelty shirt funny Voices in head I do what they tell me to do Novelty funny shirt monkey see speak hear no evilT-shirt: Don't like my attitude? Get a Dog!
T-shirt:  Husband for sale will take ANY offerT-shirt:  Wife for sale will take ANY offer!novelty shirt What part of DIVA don't you understand
funny novelty shirt I took a pain pill why are you still herefunny novelty shirt I may be LEFT handed but I'm always RIGHTfunny novelty shirt MONKEYING AROUND monkey
Novelty shirt BUNCO buddies funny novelty shirt 49% bitch 51% sweatheartNovelty shirt designs page 2
Novelty shirt designs page 3
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May pay via PAYPAL or with any credit card. Checks and Money orders are accepted. To order by mail be sure to include complete information as to what you're ordering and where you want the order sent to: HoneVille.com, P.O. Box 38, West Union, Il. 62477