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HoneVille is one of eBay's largest T-shirt stores and was established in 2003!

Welcome to HoneVille. A "hone" is a tool used to sharpen objects. It's also a word that means to "narrow in on or to focus". At HoneVille we focus on sharp shirts!

HoneVille is a family ran website dedicated to providing you with great, friendly and professional service. We've been in business since 2006 and we promise to treat each transaction like you're a part of our family. Because we hope you will be.

Contact Information

email: Letter: Honeville. P.O. box 38, West Union, Il. 62477

Payment Information

May pay via PAYPAL or with any credit card. Checks and Money orders are accepted. To order by mail be sure to include complete information as to what you're ordering and where you want the order sent to:, P.O. Box 38, West Union, Il. 62477