3 Ways to shop! 1. HoneVille is eBay focused so follow the links to shop our eBay store 2. HoneVille is located in West Union, Illinois and offers customized shirts to the surrounding area. 3. HoneVille still has it's website up and running but it's best to shop with us on eBay.

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Welcome to HoneVille. I'm 3 business' in one!

HoneVille on Ebay! Ebay has been my primary business since 2006. I'm still one of the largest T-shirt stores on eBay and I have links here that take you to my eBay location which has over 2 million items for sell!

HoneVille.com. I admit it needs attention. But I'm pretty much a one person operation so it is what it is, LOL. Deal with it. Many of my items are here, mostly my older "common stock" designs but you can click through my internet store and buy shirts from my dot.com.

HoneVille in West Union. I've always welcomed local business but never made it a primary focus until early summer 2020. I can print your custom shirts for your business, church, team, school, festival, or whatever! I'm a "direct to garment" printer and not a screen printer. This means I can do as little as 1 custom designed shirt and it also means you're not limited in ink colors so you can do FULL COLOR print on shirts! The best way to begin a custom order is by emailing me at: honeville@honeville.com. I will be assigning each inquiry an reference number for future communications regarding your project. If you are not providing the print ready artwork I do prefer you make an appointment so we can sit down and work up the design together.. It will save you money and provide you with the best experience!

I'm not really set up like a retail store and the reason why is I'd need more square footage than about 20 Wal-Mart supercenters to display all my variations. That being said You can search my designs on eBay, or come stand over my shoulder and tell me what you want. I have about 5,000 designs ready to print in less than 3 minutes each on hundreds of shirts I keep in stock. I also print on more than just shirts! I do trucker hats, coffee cups, aprons, tote bags and more!
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